Organic our chioce

One of the main goals of our company is recovering the proper relationship between the earth and those who cultivate it, which does not mean wanting to return to the past but to develop agricultural practices that respect the environment and avoid over-exploitation of resources in particular of the soil, of water and air, instead of using these resources in a model of development that can last over time thereby protecting the territory.
Grow organically it means not using chemical fertilizers and synthetic pesticides respecting the environment. Our world is now so heavily man and the demand for food is so high and growing, that the “wild” areas are now very low and far from the areas where the largest human presence. In populated areas and near them, the farmer is the true creator of environmental protection. He makes a difference on the ground with his choices that can pollute and sterilize the soil or make it “alive” and clean. Cultivate with organic techniques is definitely more difficult and requires a farmworker preparation much higher than conventional crops, but it is the only choice that simultaneously ensures the health of consumers (and operators) and the protection of the territory.