Our territory

Agriculture has been and still is one of the great economic resources of our region thanks to the wide variety and high quality of our productions. The unique characteristics of our territory, the experience and the wisdom of our farmers, allow us to obtain high quality products that reproduce the flavors of our land.
We commit ourselves every day to support those who work the land; farmers together with our technicians become the key players of environmental protection, they make the difference on the field with choices that can pollute and sterilize the soil or make it “alive” and clean.
We cultivate our fields organically and we believe deeply that it can offer, and is probably the only one to do so, extensive guarantees for the protection of consumer health and the environment. The product control system is the only one that guarantees perfect traceability and constant monitoring by the relevant public bodies; organic farming is certainly more difficult and requires a farmworker preparation much higher than conventional crops, but it is the only choice that simultaneously ensures the health of consumers and the protection of nature.